2022 Weddings Start at $580 

Now includes your "Official Marriage Certificate" from BDM valued at $60

One price does not fit all....so I offer different levels of pricing as different elements will be required for each level of ceremony. You can choose  a 'legals only' ceremony, a small wedding or even a large traditional affair. 

Each ceremony will be especially written for you and with all legalities with BDM finalized on your behalf.

Just ask and I'll send you my price guide to make your choice simple.

Funeral & memorial Services $370

I will visit you in your home and together we can create a ceremony to farewell your departed loved one with respect and dignity.

A family member will be invited to deliver the Eulogy or I can do that on your behalf.

Your loved one's life will be celebrated and remembered just the way you want.

Renewal Of Vows $350

This is an ideal way for both of you to celebrate a special wedding anniversary such as a 25th.

You and your loved one can renew and exchange the vows you made to each other all those years ago and pledge your ongoing support and appreciation into the future.

I will come to your home or chosen venue to deliver the ceremony and you will receive a keepsake certificate in memory of this special day.

Commitment Ceremonies  $350

There will still be times when you are unable to marry due to legal impediments. You can still express your love in a Commitment Ceremony with your closest family and friends there to witness your devotion.

You will receive a keepsake certificate to mark your special day.

Naming Ceremonies $300

This is a delightful way to welcome your baby into the family surrounded by relatives and your closest friends.

I will come to your home or chosen location to celebrate with you. Your baby and 2 Godparents will receive  keepsake certificates.

$10 per extra certificate if more than 2 Godparents.